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About A.Scope Technologies

Founded by Avi Skublevitz, an innovator, developer, planner and implementor of innovative products and production systems, serving both the private sector and government bodies. Throughout his extensive

career Avi`s prime focus has been on the mechanical design of prototypes for the medical-device market, Israeli high-tech companies as well as global companies.

Image by Daniel Smyth

Endowed with multidisciplinary vision and creative thinking, Avi's qualities enable him in building production systems ranging from sterile bandages for the medical device industry, the production system of doors for the wooden industry as well as a waste-sorting system for the recycling industry.

Thanks to Avi`s remarkable technical skills as well as his in-depth knowledge of the various aspects in manufacturing and development Avi has held a number of roles in Israeli companies that have focused on building these production systems in several countries including Turkey, China and Ukraine.

Avi, driven by high work ethics and diligence fulfilling of his roles has managed to substantially shorten the amount of time period from the designing the production the line to its actual construction and a significant reduction in production costs.

In the field of new product design, Avi has registered a wide range of patents on models of new technologies, which use innovative raw materials and can offer personal guidance of entrepreneurs from the concept stage to the product stage, including concept formulation, prototype design and construction, assistance in

technical presentation to investors as well as accompanying the fundraising process

Avi`s rich experience working with multidisciplinary development teams allows him to effectively advance work plans that require an integration of personnel, from software engineers, product designers, mechanics designers and more.

In recent years, there has been a significant revolution in technological developments in the industry, turning technological innovation from a distant dream into a reality. Along with the impressive technological advancement, quite a few players in the industry, including entrepreneurs and organizations, sometimes find it difficult in implementing their ideas into a final product.

Avi believes that in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various factors of production is needed in order to implement the ideas and that in order to maximize the achievements one has to formulate a planning and development strategy tailored to the chosen product.


Avi`s vision, based on the knowledge, experience and success stories he has accumulated over thirty years of work and specialization in the above fields with a wide range of clients from all over the world, is to enable

each person to turn his ideas into reality by bringing them from concept to execution

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